QuickPayPortal – Know How To Pay Medical Bills Using  quickpayportal

Earlier, paying medical bills was much more difficult but the online portals like quickpayportal.com make it easy for patients to pay their dues. The patients need not wait for long hours neither their records are misplaced by hospitals. These portals give you the chance to choose your desired dates according to your preference.

The portal is just not limited to online payments rather it provides 24*7 assistance and online lab test results of the patient. In today’s world health is a concern of general matter but no one has much time to give up on this. This portal makes the work easy and quick, it is simple to use. The portal provides a safe transaction of credit through various mediums which makes the work smooth. The best thing about this is you no more need to manage the records as all the history remains to save in the app.

In this article, we will guide you to use QuickPayportal and share the benefits of using it.

Ouickpayportal provides free online services for health which is outsourced by Athena Health Company. The patient needs to log in at www.quickpayportal.com while using quick pay code for paying their medical bills or claiming their medical insurance. It is a USA based portal which provides transactions facilitated by credit cards, Master cards and Visa cards. Quickpayportal also provides services where they can fix an appointment with doctors, hospitals, test results and lots more. QuickpayPortal is simple to use and its homepage provides the answer of every queries the user has.


Sign into Your QuickPayPortal Account

  • One should have a valid Email Id address.
  • A strong Internet connection with internet browsers having 126-bit encryption to accept the cookies.
  • An adobe reader or any file reader compatible with this software to view your reports and records.
  • User must have a quickpay15 digit code number which is allotted to each user. This statement ID is useful to keep records of patients and it is an important measure to sign in your account. Try to avoid sharing your password and save it in login page so that you won’t face any issues further.

The Sign-up Form Displayed to You Will Contain the Following Details-

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Valid email
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Address
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Password

After entering the details, the user will click on the sign-up button and the account will be generated after a few seconds and you will be automatically redirected to dashboard. You can check your appointment, dates of visit and account balance or reschedules your dates. Patients get options to choose their desired dates and receives alert of reminders from time to time. QuickpayPortal doesn’t share your password with anyone and facilitates safe and secure with tight security systems.

To Request an Appointment through QuickPayPortal Follow these Simple Steps-

Visit www.quickPayPortal.com and log into your account by providing specific details. Then click on the Messages tab in the homepage and go to compose message button. Choose the appointment and schedule from the menu and click on your desired option for location and time. Enter the subject and message and click on the send button.

The QuickPayPortal Mobile Application is not though launched yet but the company will very soon come up with the same. The services offered will be the same and makes easy for the people to access it.

QuickPayPortal Provides a Number of Benefits to its Customer, Some of Them are Listed Below-

  • Online payment of medical bills.
  • Managing appointments with doctors.
  • The patient has an option to check their symptoms online and detect the disorder.
  • Track all the payments and medical history at one place.
  • Manage appointments.
  • Pay all medical bill online.
  • The patient will check the symptoms through symptoms checker and this feature is much helpful to understand the disorder.
  • Receive your all lab test results at one place.
  • Manage and check all payment and medical history.
  • Get 24/7 customer support assistance while calling into 911 from the health care provider.
  • Patients are also provided with the particular clinic no. On the receipt.

Important Links

The official website is quickpayportal.com.

For downloading your reports


For filing the complaint against the site

From this link hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/complaints/ 

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