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Are you looking to pay your medical bill? But you are wondering how to pay? Then you need to take the help of internet. According to the research, PayMydoctor website can help you to pay your medical bill online. Through the PayMydoctor website, your hospital can collect the amount faster compare to other payment modes. This procedure is very easy and more convenient. 

What is PayMydoctor?

Now, it is a time to discuss PayMydoctor. This is an online payment portal where you can quicky pay medical bills without any risk. This is very popular in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and United States. The most important thing this is a free service for those citizens. 

For avail this service you need to login to their official websites. It is very straightforward task, and only you need to keep everything ready before you pay the bill. It is powered by Allscripts Healthcare Solution which is an American company. Allscripts Healthcare Solution gives solution for engagement of the patient, care of them, coordination with them, and much more.


If you want to start using this site, you need to register first. It has some valuable features those are discussed below:

  1. PayMydoctor provides service free.
  2. It is very faster and easier to pay the medical bill.
  3. Register payee can download the transaction history.
  4. There are many security layers which helps to keep the information safer.
  5. You can pay the medical bill by any payment mode like a credit card, debit card and also internet banking.

The Process of Paying a Medical Bills on PayMyDoctor

  1. You need to select the comfortable browser.
  2. Then need to login www.
  3. A New window will open; there you will get a login option.
  4. Need to enter your Id and password.
  5. Fill there your medical bill amount for payment.
  6. Click on the submit button.
  7. After submission, you can take printout for future reference.

How to Signup on PayMyDoctor?

Before you go for login, you need to sign up with your details on the website of PayMydoctor. You need to fill all the required information and take permission to register yourself. 

Login to your PayMyDoctor Account

For login, you need a few things. Those are,

  1. Laptop or pc or smartphone with internet.
  2. Web browser.
  3.  PayMydoctor’s Username and password.

The process of login:

  1. After visiting the official site, you need to do login your page.
  2. After that, you need to enter username and password.
  3. You have entered all details correctly so that you can avoid login issue.
  4. Then you can click the login button and enter your page.

Important tips

Please, you do not forget your login password if you forget there is a procedure that will help you to re-login. These are discussed below:

  1. You need to visit the official website, and you will find ‘forgot password option’.
  2. You can click on it and fill the required details like user name, email id, etc.
  3. Click on submit button and reset your password.

You will also have quick pay option where you can pay bill easily if you do not have an access in account too. 

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Contact Details

If you face any problem, you can call the customer care. Their representative will help you.

  • Customer Service Number: Through this patient can contact their health care provider if they have an issue. They will provide assistance.
  • If you need some more information regarding this, then you need to visit the website

This information will help you to solve your queries related to the online payment if you are facing any issue. 

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