How to Update insurance

Your health insurance needs can change over time, whether it’s adding a family member, enhancing coverage, or moving to a new plan. Too often, updating insurance involves tedious paperwork and long phone calls. But with Peryourhealth, modifying your policy is refreshingly easy and entirely online.

Updating Your Health Insurance Made Simple with Peryourhealth


Sarah was relieved when her company offered health insurance through Peryourhealth. But when her daughter Lucy was born, she knew she needed to add her to the policy. Doing this through her old provider had been a nightmare of forms and hold times. She braced herself as she logged into her Peryourhealth account…

Easy Peryourhealth Account Access

The first step for Sarah was accessing her Peryourhealth account. She went to the website, entered her email and password, and completed a quick identity verification process. Within seconds, she was viewing her account dashboard. “Well that was easy,” she thought.

Review Current Policy Details

In the Insurance section, Sarah could view her policy number, coverage dates, plan benefits, and other key details. She also downloaded her documents to review. Knowing her existing coverage gave context before making changes.

Update Details Seamlessly

Under “Update Insurance,” Sarah selected “Add family member” and entered Lucy’s details. She confirmed the change was correct and submitted. Just like that, Lucy was added in minutes without any lengthy forms!

Make Needed Payments

Because adding Lucy increased her premium, Sarah had to make an additional payment. She chose her credit card, entered the details, reviewed the amount, and completed the payment. Soon after, she received a confirmation email with the transaction ID and invoice.

Sarah was amazed at how quick and easy the whole process was. She felt relieved knowing Lucy was now securely covered.

Ongoing Policy Management

Over time, Sarah continued managing her family’s policy seamlessly through Peryourhealth. When they moved houses, she logged in and updated her address. As costs increased, she enhanced her coverage amount. When her son switched jobs, she removed him from her policy.

The intuitive online interface made completing these changes a breeze compared to her past experiences. Sarah appreciated the convenience and control.

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Key Insurance Updates

Here are some common policy changes you may need to make in Peryourhealth:

  • Increase or decrease coverage as needs evolve
  • Add or remove family members if there are changes
  • Update contact information like phone number or address
  • Switch to a more suitable insurance plan
  • Renew policy to avoid any lapse in coverage

Peryourhealth empowers you to modify your policy to fit your changing health and family circumstances.

Straightforward Process of Updating on Peryourhealth

Updating insurance details on Peryourhealth involves a few simple steps:

  1. Select needed change like add member, change plan, etc.
  2. Provide new details as prompted
  3. Review and confirm changes are correct
  4. Save changes and receive confirmation

The intuitive interface guides you through quickly and smoothly.

Payment Options

If changes increase your premium, Peryourhealth offers flexible payment options including:

  • Credit, debit or prepaid cards
  • Net banking
  • Digital wallets

You can pay your revised premium instantly online and have the peace of mind your policy is active.

With Peryourhealth, you are in control of easily modifying your health insurance to suit your needs, whether adding family members, enhancing coverage, or switching plans. Their online platform eliminates frustrating paperwork and long phone calls. Just log in, update details in minutes, make any payments, and be confident you have the right coverage.

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